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There’s a certain energy in our Phoenix Solutions office. It comes from being surrounded by people who share a passion for raising their voices for good causes. We welcome those who are inspired to make a difference. This is the right place to start a fulfilling career supporting change innovators.
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Careers With Purpose at Phoenix Solutions

For anyone who has dreamed of being at the forefront of change, Phoenix Solutions is the place to be. We’re committed to helping people put their passion for good into action. Our outreach is centered on supporting nonprofits that help to make our communities safe and healthy. Through impactful initiatives that inspire others to be part of this movement, we make a difference as our careers grow.

Develop Skills While Promoting


Phoenix Solutions drives support for local, national, and international causes. We ensure that they reach their fundraising goals so that they can do even more good. Our event managers learn the most effective techniques to generate public support. We immerse them in a thorough training and coaching program so that they have the right knowledge and guidance to excel. Our hands-on learning approach combines professional development with social good so everyone wins.

Powerful Network

It’s wonderful to work with others who share our passion for making a positive difference in our community and the world. Our common goals foster a culture in which everyone works together and forms strong bonds. We encourage our people to reach their career potential while supporting each other. Our cohesive group enjoys collaborating on campaigns as well as attending industry functions as a team.

Driving Awareness for Change Agents

At Phoenix Solutions, we’re on the cutting edge when it comes to driving positive change. Our work spreads the word about progressive nonprofits by eliciting support from likeminded people. We invite anyone who aspires to have a career that makes a difference to join us.

Partner Development Program

Our unique development program cross trains individuals in all aspects of business inner workings. Team members are taught skills in Event Management, Operational Management, HR, Recruiting, Administrative skills, Staff Development, and many more. Individuals who complete the program have an all encompassed knowledge of how to successfully run an ongoing business.

EVent Specialist

These team members oversee brand representation and fundraising during events. They must master the Phoenix Solutions’ business model, participate in the production of all event-based campaigns, and contribute to campaign-specific meetings.

Event Manager

Event managers begin developing management skills by overseeing 1-3 events. While assisting in team member development, these event specialists hone their skills by combining team member training with management layers.

Development MAnager

Developmental managers are expected to coordinate territory assignments, teach their colleagues about new products, and act as points of contact between team members and brand leaders. They manage 3-4 events and 4-8 people at a time. Our developmental managers begin learning early operational skills while conducting research for the development of promotions and make sure all brand expectations are met.


The junior partner position is a temporary role. It is designed to train individuals for partnership. Those in this position conduct industry-related trainings, network, add new brands to the company’s portfolio, and nurture a dynamic and empowering office culture.


Partners are charged with the oversight of 20-25 team members as they create exciting event-based campaigns. These leaders are responsible for ensuring that all outreach expectations are met while motivating their people and recruiting candidates to fill available roles. Partners are also tasked with the facilitation of meetings and other administrative duties.

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